Sunday, August 28

Rashford Time

I haven't really enjoyed this season. Yes, Utd are at the top of the league. Yes, the beautiful, defying arrogance is back. And yes, even the football is no longer devoid of any life whatsoever.

But I never wanted Mourinho. And although I'm supporting him as any fan should, there's one thing he's done that's been pissing me off more than anything else.

It's not the needless circus he's created around Bastian. It's not the fact he's shifted CBJ over Rojo and Varela over Darmian (although really, wtf?). Nor is it the subtle-but-constant 'I'm better than LVG' shtick in each and every press conference.

It's Marcus Rashford. The future of Manchester United. The bright, shining hope who saved last season. The 18-year-old boy from Wythenshawe who, especially after Giggs left this summer, is now carrying the definition of this great club in an era when we've been forced to wreck our identity by stooping to Jose's devil.

The main reason I was fearful over Mourinho is cos of his policy over youth - a Utd characteristic. His idea of the "right moment" for promising youngsters has always been too late, going by our traditions anyway.

Rashford didn't play any minute of the first two games of the season... I wasn't fucking happy.

I get why Jose feels playing one upfront is a benefit to our domination. And I get why that one upfront is Ibra - he is absolute class and, even better, feels like a Utd forward.

But Rashford is too good to be discounted to Europa League and League Cup football.

We should, as a total priority, be giving Rashford special treatment. Given what he represents, the reputation Jose ought to be rallying against and, most importantly, his sheer fucking ability, we need to develop him with regular Premier League minutes.

Play him either side of Ibra instead of Mata, Martial or Mkhitaryan. Play him in front of Ibra against weak opposition. Play him as a sub for 20 minutes in the majority of games, at the very fucking least.

The point is, come the middle of Fergie Time away to a hard-to-crack Hull City, he was the one who stepped up in his first chance this season. Because he's that good.

The most Manchester United player on the pitch won the game in the most Manchester United way. Without him, we'd be lost.

Sunday, August 14

Come On, United

It would have been wrong to be successful in the seasons after SAF retired. These pathetic, bumbling three years have been a deserved, humble tribute to the greatest they'll ever be.

Jose, it's down to you to put us back on top now... Please don't sell our soul in the process. 🙏

Sunday, May 29

José Mourinho, You Better Fucking Respect Us

Saturday, May 21

Updated: Things Ed Woodward Is Doing To Harm Manchester United

In rough chronological order:

1. Summer 2013 Chasing Fabregas, Bale and Ronaldo like a fucking schoolgirl. Neither came.

2. Briefing journalists Not only chasing these players, but - rather embarrassingly - chasing them publicly via constant briefs to the media. He's calmed this since, but not by much.

3. The Moyes Sacking 'David, you're no longer needed here.' 'Yeah, I know. I read it in the papers yesterday.' Disgraceful.

4. The Rio Sacking Telling one of United's greatest ever centre-backs he wasn't getting a new contract IN THE ACTUAL DRESSING ROOM.

5. Selling our soul Do we really need to sponsor a fucking tractor in Japan? Argh. Stop. It's enough.

6. Summer 2015 Chasing Ramos and Neymar - oh, and Bale again - like a fucking schoolgirl. Neither came.

7. Saved by the Fax Machine Acting Phil Mitchell all summer, telling Madrid they couldn't have De Gea unless we got whoever else in return, only to transform into Ian Beale at the last minute. De Gea was going, but for Madrid's late fax.

8. Christmas 2015 The worst December in United's history. Not a single win. Every fucker knows Van Gaal simply does not get United and must go - but Woodward was clearly too scared for his own rep as the sacking CEO.

9. The Head of Academy Farce After a belated, supposed year-long search to find the new head of United's youth academy, Nicky Butt gets appointed. The same Nicky Butt who was there all along.

10. Jose, Jose, Jose If you're going to appoint Jose Mourinho, fine. But the level of speculation has been endemic - a Mourinho trait - so why not tell him to calm the fuck down out of respect for Van Gaal and his players?

11. The Special Cunt But if you're going to appoint Jose Mourinho, then you really don't get Manchester United.

Sunday, May 15


How do you steal the thunder of Manchester United's worst moment in its history?

By staging an elaborate security blunder which causes the game to be abandoned at the risk of becoming the laughing stock of the world.

Ok, not finishing in the Top 4 isn't the worst moment in United's history. But since 1992/93? It's right fucking up there.

Thanks to Swansea City being utterly cunty pansies, we are officially going backwards. A post-Ferguson transition, this is no more. This is going from 7th to 4th to... 5th or fucking 6th.

This means it'll take even longer to get back to where we should be. We're at square one all over again.

So, Ed Woodward and Louis van Gaal both have to be fired. They are equally responsible for this mess and no longer deserve to be in charge.

Woodward should have fucking sacked VG after Norwich in December, as I stated after Norwich in December. Not to mention everything else the scared, bumbling moron is fucking up.

Van Gaal? Christ. I honestly like the guy, BUT HE DOESN'T GET UNITED. OR THE PREMIER LEAGUE. 46 goals?!?!?! The fact we are in this mess all cos of goal difference says everything that needs to be said about him.

Seriously. News all over the world is going on about United's 'red face' after such a stupid security mishap - but there's only one thing to be embarrassed about: the transition is over. :-(